24 Carat Gold Plated Needles

Coated with 24ct, nickel-free Gold. When we introduced Ballet Gold we asked schools around the world to test them in comparison to the stainless steel needles. Gold has many acknowledged medical uses from acupuncture needles to ear piercing posts, and its benefits are clear in electrolysis. Redness and swelling are reduced and the skin rapidly returns to normal after even the most delicate treatments, particularly red vein and skin tag work.

Treatment recommendation: The 24ct gold needle responds to the needs of clients who suffer from allergies and sensitive skin and whose skin reacts negatively to standard stainless steel probes. (Note: A rare gold allergy does exist. Be sure that in your intake interview with your client you ask about this.)

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“In her practice, Ginny and her staff use Ballet needles. She has tried other needles, but was concerned about burrs or imperfections. With Ballet, when she inserts, she can easily feel resistance when reaching the base of the follicle.”

Ginny B.