Permanent Hair Removal

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Electrolysis is the ONLY technology recognized by FDA as a permanent form of hair removal

Developed by a physician in 1875, Electrolysis provides the best answer to the problem of unwanted hair regardless of gender, age or ethnicity. Unlike other hair removal methods, professionally performed Electrolysis eliminates unwanted hair – permanently – with unsurpassed results. Electrolysis is effective on all skin and hair types. No other solution claims such universal acceptability and success.

Electrolysis is the science of permanent hair removal using a solid needle and associated device. The Ballet Sterile Disposable Needle is inserted into the hair follicle and a small amount of electrical energy is discharged which destroys the hair growth tissue. When done properly, the hair follicle is permanently destroyed.

Your treatment plan will vary depending upon your hair growth cycle, age, heredity, medications, and stress level. Contact your local electrologist to learn what your plan might entail. You can search for an electrologist near you on the American Electrology Associate website.

“Needle epilators introduce a fine wire close to the hair shaft, under the skin, and into the hair follicle. An electric current travels down the wire and destroys the hair root at the bottom of the follicle, and the loosened hair is removed with tweezers.

With continually advancing technology, equipment and treatment protocols, Electrolysis is more comfortable and effective than ever before. Schedule a consultation at your local electrologist’s office. Ballet. Brings out the real you.

Laser hair removal
is NOT permanent

Further, manufacturers may not claim that laser hair removal is either painless or permanent unless the FDA determines that there are sufficient data to demonstrate such results. Several manufacturers received FDA permission to claim, permanent reduction, NOT permanent removal for their lasers.

This means that lasers will not result in a permanent removal of all hair. The specific claim granted is intended to effect stable, long-term, or permanent reduction through selective targeting of melanin in hair follicles. … Permanent hair reduction does not necessarily imply the elimination of all hairs in the treatment area.

You can also learn more about electrology via the American Electrology Association.

“In her practice, Ginny and her staff use Ballet needles. She has tried other needles, but was concerned about burrs or imperfections. With Ballet, when she inserts, she can easily feel resistance when reaching the base of the follicle.”

Ginny B.

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