“… switching from a two-piece to a one-piece probe did take a while… But the effort was definitely worth it!”

We will be devoting this issue of the Ballet News to Edwina Morris and the innovative insulated needle treatment developed at Allana in 1980. The procedure is ow taught exclusively at the New York Institute of Electrolysis.

I’d also like to say thanks for her help in producing the new Ballet Video. We filmed the video’s clinical shots at the Institute, owned and directed by Alice P. Abernathy. Edwina herself appears in the film. The video is already being shown at electrolysis schools in the United States and Canada.

If you would like a personal copy, call your Ballet Supplier. We are currently offering a free copy with each order of 300 Ballet sterile disposable electrolysis needles.

Edwina has been practicing electrolysis for over ten years now, and has been the Associate Director of the New York Institute of Electrolysis since 1990. Along with teaching, Edwina assists in Alice’s thriving electrolysis supply business, Allana International. Alice told me, “We sell what we believe in.” (Including lots of Ballet Insulated probes!). 

We spoke to Edwina over the phone about her treatment technique.


Q: One aspect of your treatment technique is your exclusive use of insulated needles. Why is that?

A: With an insulated probe, there is less chance of doing permanent damage to the skin. Also, as you know, most of the nerve endings in the skin are close to the surface. The insulation protects the surface of the skin, resulting in less trauma from the treatment. This definitely increases the level of comfort for the client.

Q: Would you describe your technique for us?

A: We call our technique the “Allana Insulated Probe Technique,” and it has take us a long time to develop it. We use super-flash in a two-step process. Our first insertion into a follicle is shallow; this will ensure that the bulge area is destroyed. After epilating the hair we make our second insertion to full anagen depth. This double insertion technique virtually eliminates regrowth and ingrown hairs.

Q: Do you use sterile disposable needles in your school?

A: Although for many years we used a re-usable, two-piece insulated needle, it became clear to us that the future of our profession was with disposable needles. So, a little less than two years ago, we switched to Ballet Insulated. In fact, in our school curriculum, we now train students to use disposable probes at all times.

I am sorry to say this, but I have heard that many electrologists find it difficult to follow proper sterilization techniques. Disposable needles save people a lot of fuss, and guarantee goof hygienic practice as far as the probe is concerned.

Q: Was the switch to Ballet Insulated easy?

A: Actually, switching from two-piece to a one-piece probe did take a while. One day of testing is not enough. You have to take time to understand the differences between the two types of probes. But the effort was definitely worth it!

Our clients can feel such a difference between Ballet Insulated and the needles that we previously used. After using Ballet for several treatments, we experiments and did treatments with old-style, reusable needles. Clients would say, “What’s wrong with this needle? It doesn’t feel like last time.” The two-piece needles seemed rougher and clients felt like they were being pricked by them. There is just an entirely different feel with Ballet Insulated.

Q: How is Ballet different?

A: It is hard to describe. The needle glides in, almost by itself. It doesn’t feel like you are “sticking” your clients. With Ballet you can use a lighter grip on the needle-holder. Just let the holder balance in your hand: you will feel the insertion better and understand when the needle bottoms out in the follicle.

Ballet’s quality makes it easier for students to learn proper insertions. They are able to let their bodies relax, and don’t feel that they have to force the needle.

The students really appreciate the difference. Thanks for making such a good needle.

Q: Thank you, Edwina.

"T" Shank Needles

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