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Over the past ten years, we have done stories in the Ballet News about practicing electrologists on subjects ranging from advertising to the treatment of melanin-rich skin. We still keep in touch with our interviewees and this month we wanted to share some of their pearls of wisdom with you.

A common theme with Han, Jenese, and Stacy is the importance of focusing on the right things in their practices. They concentrate on what it takes to provide the best electrology service possible and  to build and strengthen their businesses.

Two of our interviewees speak about what keeps them at the top if their profession in their very busy practices; and the third who has branched out into aesthetics as well, tells us what she is doing to build her business.

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Jenese Schwartzmiller

Is electrolysis a dying profession? I certainly don’t think so! However, I do see some new electrologists who are either good at the procedure and not goof at business, or good at business and not good at the procedure. We need both!

When dealing with people, customer service is the key thing. I have women from all walks of life come into my office with terrible hair problems, and in 15 minutes I have to make each of them feel comfortable.

So really, we need all three:customer relations, skill at electrolysis, and a good business sense.

I use Ballet needles, I love them, and they are the only ones I use. Many years ago, I re-sterilized needles, but I never was comfortable with it. Today everyone asks, “What kind of probe do you use?” By answering, “I use pre-sterilized disposable insulated Ballet needles,” I put my clients at ease.

Jan Reed

At Something Nice, all four electrologists share the same philosophy: we want to focus our energy exclusively on providing quality electrolysis. So the only service we provide is permanent hair removal, which can only be achieved using needle epilators. We feel that this strategy has worked well for our office. 

We have established long-tern relationships with our patients. Out schedules are full because patients are pleased with their permanent electrolysis results, and so they add additional areas of treatment. They feel confident referring family and friends.

Providing quality and high standards in performance, equipment and supplies are critical. Patients are willing to pay top dollar for services, but only if they feel that they receive true value. We have come to rely on Ballet because they produce continually high quality needles. Product improvement, needle availability and excellent customer service are obvious priorities.

We strive to be the best that we can be—that is why we have chosen Ballet Needles.

Stacey Elder

We would like to be busier in our office. We are taking several steps to achieve that goal, including integrating new technology and knowledge into our practice. For example, we are changing our intake form because we find that there are people who want to contact us via email or cell phone.

We take pictures of patients to document their progress. Before, if the patient stopped treatment, the pictures simply sat in the inactive file. Now, we can scan them into the computer and send clients a letter with their picture and a set of before and after pictures of another patient as a reminder that we are here for help. Of course, we make sure that the other patient has signed a release form that allows us to use the pictures.

We are also planning to give small seminars in our office based on our holistic approach to electrolysis, which includes exercise, diet, etc. We are the experts in hair removal and after treatment skincare; if there is a question, people should come to us.

I still prefer Ballet needles. Even though I’ve tried other needles, Ballet’s quality is so consistent, that I automatically reach for them for all treatments, including multi-needle.

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