Gold Needles Are the Most Gentle

By Jim Paisner

Gold needles leave no marks or redness whatever, either permanent or temporary.

I simply pass a fine, gilt* needle into the hair follicle…

When we introduced Ballet Gold needles in 1990, we titled our ad “The Latest Innovation in Electrolysis” because we felt sure that we were onto something new. After all, there were no Gold needles available anywhere in the world at that time that we were aware of.

Well, since then we’ve learned that our Gold needle is simply a return to one of the earliest traditions of our profession, as the above quotations show.

In the 1950’s, it appears that Gold needles were in widespread use, and looking at Dr. Charles Michel’s medical journal article, he used Gold to perform our profession’s very first treatments!

So we were not really innovating after all; we had rediscovered a proven benefit in electrolysis: the use of gold to help safeguard the skin. Of course, Ballet Gold, like all Ballet needles, are pre-sterilized and disposable. Want to try Ballet Gold (or Stainless or Insulated)? Call us at Synoptic Products, 1-800-535-7707.