I Can See Now

I Can See Now

Joan Millay has been an electrologist for multiple decades. She went into private practice right after school, and she has been working since then in Palm Bay, Florida. Joan has a busy practice: she has an office manager and two treatment rooms, and her assistant does everything in the office including patient pre- and post-ops so that Joan can concentrate on electrology.

On a good day, she will treat 20-25 people, and during the holidays, she is booked all the time.

Epilation in action

Q: What were the effects of doing so many treatments?

A: For years, I had been experiencing back and shoulder pains and I worried that I was getting arthritis in my neck.

Q: What did you do about it?

A: I called a manufacturer of dental telescopic glasses. When their representative showed me their double-element scopes, I thought “This is a whole different world!” I could see more, and most importantly, I could sit up straight at a comfortable distance from my patient. These scopes are worn like glasses, with your prescription built in if necessary.

When using scopes, you cannot miss the follicle opening! It is bigger than life. You can also correct your insertion right away. And you can really see a distorted hair, and how it comes out of the skin. I found it very relaxing to be able to see so easily.

Q: And you changed your lighting?

A: Yes. I had been wearing a light on a headband. It was good, but after adding the scopes, I switched to a fiber-optic light.

The combination of new lighting and scopes cured my posture problems, so I have no more neck pain. Now I go to my massage therapist only once a month. I can see 20+ people a day, and I still get home totally relaxed, not worn out like I was before.

Q: How did your patients react to the new equipment?

A: They feel that this system is a real improvement! Most of us have had that patient who comes back because she found a hair that was missed. Well, with my new optics and light, I have no misses. I get wonderful cleanups now, and the patients love it.

Q: Have your treatment methods changed?

A: I see now that for many years I was often using the wrong sized needles. Now if I hold the needle up to the hair I can see the size. I use F2’s for lip and cleanup only. I use lots of F4’s now, and get faster results.

Thank you, Joan.

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