Insulated Needles

Ballet News: The Insulated Needle Development

Remember back when the Ballet Insulated needle was first made available? Seems only yesterday that you could finally get it from all Ballet Distributors. That initial design took three years of intense activity. Here is the story of how it originally came to be back in the early 1990s.


First we had to find out what you wanted. We asked; “Although you may be pleased with your current insulated needle, tell us your ‘wish list’- how can we improve traditional insulated probes?”

You told us you wanted smoother insertions and a coating that would stand up to long galvanic or blend treatments. And you wanted a reasonable price so that the needle could be disposable. A tall order!

We knew we needed a new coating material because the coatings used up to now just couldn’t meet these demands. After experimenting with numerous insulators, our researchers found a special EPP insulator used in dental applications.

Then came an even bigger challenge. We had to build automated equipment to sort, load, clean, coat, and dry the insulated needles.

Well, we did it! But still, all the research in the world couldn’t tell us what so many of you have now said: YOU REALLY LIKE THEM.

We’ve sent out hundreds of sets of Ballet Insulated samples, and the reaction has been wonderfully enthusiastic. We’ve had notes and calls from electrologists all over North America saying how much they like the Ballet Insulated needle. One letter we received was from David Hardee, an electrologist in Mobile, Alabama:

Dear Synoptic,

I wanted to give you my first impressions of the Ballet Insulated samples you sent me. In a word: fantastic! Insertions are much smoother, and I am able to use slightly lower current intensity.

I substituted Ballet Insulated for my regular needles without telling my clients. After each treatment I asked: “Did this treatment seem different?” Clients especially sensitive to insertions commented that they did not feel the insertion so much. Others said that the treatment itself was more comfortable.

I’ve also used Ballet Insulated for two and three hour multiple needle galvanic treatments. The new needles stood up to the strain of long treatments with no problems at all. 

After treating more than 30 clients I am convinced that Ballet Insulated is the best electrolysis needle I have ever used.

Thanks for a great product!

David Hardee (RE,CCE)        Mobile, Alabama

Thanks for reading,

Jim and Sara Paisner

Synoptic Products