Ballet needles were born in the late 1980’s from a struggling little business that was making disposable acupuncture needles. We had good technology for cutting and polishing metal to the highest level of quality; however, the acupuncture market was filled with aggressive companies. But on a sales call in the United States, we were asked if we could make electrolysis needles. A new world opened up.
We did a great deal of research into the electrolysis market. At that time only one company was selling disposable needles, and most electrologists re-used their needles after rudimentary efforts at sterilization. Glass bead sterilizers were very popular.
With the help of electrologist in the UK and the United States, we produced six generations of prototype needles – we constantly tweaked the shape of the needles, their flexibility, and most importantly, the shape and polish of the needle’s tip – until we had something that electrologists really loved. They said that the Ballet stainless steel needle was the best probe that they had ever used.
We then set about introducing the needle all over the world. The UK and the United States were our first markets, and the once people learned about Ballet, distributors from all over the world began to contact us about selling the needles in their countries. Today Ballet is sold in over thirty countries around the world. It is by far the largest selling needle.
Of course, as we introduced Ballet to new customers, we listened to them, and many told us that a needles that responded to people with sensitive skin was really required. It took over a year of research to come up with our 24ct-gold-plated needle. Not only did this needle help people deal with nickel allergies and other sensitivities, but electrologists told us they had never enjoyed such smooth insertions.
Then we heard the message that a needles that could reduce the discomfort of electrolysis was needed by many clients, too. We had to build new equipment and develop a special insulated coating in order to produce the right needle. After two years of effort we presented the insulated needle to electrologists. Like the gold needles, we were able to make sure that it was sterile and disposable, too.
We could not be more proud of our line of needles. Ballet gives electrologists using any machine and any modality that ability to do excellent hair removal is a safe manner. We get a great deal of pleasure hearing from people all over the world how much they like Ballet, and how it helps them do great work with their clients.